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Worship & Warfare BannersHand painted silk
Worship & Warfare BannersWorship & Warfare Banners
Worship & Warfare Bannershand painted silk banners fromOut Of Our Minds Banners
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Warfare and Worship Banners

Mini Banners

You'll be as excited as we are about our brand new range of mini-banners!

Example of Mini BannersMeasuring just 360mm by 260mm (14 inch by 10 inch), these brightly-colored banners may be small in size but they are still big in power, proclaiming a prophetic message wherever they are unfurled.

Introducing a whole new concept in banners, these mini-banners are ideal for use where space is limited or in private. They have the added advantage of being convenient to furl and carry, making them easy to conceal when on secret prayer assignments.

Each of these beautiful banners is individually hand-painted on fine silk. Light-weight and easy to use, each comes with a small pole and safety rubber stopper making them safe for young and old.

Our mini-banners are an excellent way of introducing children to the power of banners. An ideal size for small hands, they make a perfect gift and prophetic statement at births, baptisms, dedications or birthdays. Everyone, young in age to young at heart, will love them!

Our mini-banners are available in the following 15 designs or as one of three selected gifts sets, each with five related banner designs. Individual Mini-Banners are $29.00 each or a Gift Set of five mini-banners for only $129.00.

'A Servant Heart' mini-banner Gift SetGift Set: A Servant Heart
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Mini banner as Anointing OilAnointing Oil
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Mini banner as The RiverThe River
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Mini banner as Glorious VictoryGlorious Victory
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'Praise to the King' mini-banner Gift SetGift Set: Praise to the King
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Mini banner as His GloryHis Glory
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Mini banner as The PromisesThe Promises
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Mini banner as Blood & FireBlood & Fire
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Mini banner as Holy FireHoly Fire
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'Walking Daily in the Spirit' mini-banner Gift SetGift Set: Walking Daily in the Spirit
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Mini banner as The BloodThe Blood
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Mini banner as RestorationRestoration
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Mini banner as HolinessHoliness
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Mini banner as New GrowthNew Growth
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Click on the individual design icons to view complete design details and to purchase.
Click on the “Add to basket” links to add this mini-banner gift set or design to your shopping basket..

Note: Due to the nature of hand-painted silk the appearance of the mini-banners may vary slightly from the large banners.

Mini-banners are enjoyed by children David holding a mini-banner Mini-banners are enjoyed by young children

Gift set details  

“A Servant Heart” Set

  • Anointing Oil - Be set apart to do God's will.
  • The River - Let God take you deeper into His will for you.
  • Freedom - Let God heal and set you free from the call of the world.
  • Revival - Let God start a revival with your life.
  • Glorious Victory - See the victory of the Kingdom as you let God be your deliverer.

“Praise to the King” Set

  • His Glory - Spread the knowledge that God's Glory will fill the earth.
  • The Promises - Remind yourself of God's eternal covenants.
  • Blood and Fire - God is able to shelter and consume. He is our Holy God and our Suffering Servant.
  • Majesty - The Lord is the King of Kings to be worshipped and praised.
  • Holy Fire - The Lord who sanctifies, cleanses, purifies and frees us to praise.

“Walking Daily in the Spirit” Set

  • The Blood - Experience the cleansing and liberating power of the Blood as you walk in the Spirit
  • Restoration - Find restoration for what the enemy has stolen.
  • Holiness - Be holy as God is Holy with the help of Holy Spirit
  • New Growth - Enjoy new growth as you walk daily with the Lord, allowing His glory to shine through you.
  • Healing - Ask God to heal you of all sickness - spiritual, emotional and physical. He is the Lord who heals.

In addition to these gift sets you can purchase the designs individually by clicking on the design icons above.

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