Worship & Warfare BannersWorship & Warfare Banners

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Worship & Warfare BannersHand painted silk
Worship & Warfare Banners Worship & Warfare Banners
Worship & Warfare Bannershand painted silk banners fromOut Of Our Minds Banners
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Warfare and Worship Banners

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First, select the format of Large, Medium or Small by checking one or more of the check boxes to the left of each design name.
Finally, click on the ‘Add to basket’ button beneath the table of designs.

Please note: For simplicity, the order quantity for each design is set to 1. This can be changed to your required number once your designs have been aded to your basket.

L | M | SDesign nameL | M | SDesign name
   Accountability   Restoration
   An Appeal to Heaven   Resurrection Power
   Anointing Oil   Revival
   Another Four Hundred Yea…    Righteous Lion of Judah
   Australian Ochre   Righteousness
   Blood & Fire   Self Control
   Breakthrough!   Seven-fold Spirit Blue
   Christian Flag   Seven-fold Spirit Green
   Consuming the Spirit of …    Seven-fold Spirit Indigo
   Covenant Love   Seven-fold Spirit Orange
   Creativity   Seven-fold Spirit Red
   Eagle Ascending   Seven-fold Spirit Violet
   Eagle Descending in War   Seven-fold Spirit Yellow
   Faith   The Blood
   Faithfulness   The Bread and the Wine
   Freedom   The Breath of God
   Gentleness   The Bride
   Glorious Victory   The Good Shepherd
   God-given Authority   The Kingdom
   Goodness   The Kingdom's Seven Moun… 
   Great South Lands of the…    The Lion and the Lamb
   He Knows My Name   The Lion of Judah over J… 
   Healing   The Lion of Judah Restin… 
   His Glory   The Lion of Judah Roarin… 
   Holiness   The Nations Aflame
   Holy Fire   The Promises
   Hope   The River
   Humility   The Shofar
   Integrity   The Spirit of the Lighth… 
   Israel   The Sword of the Lord
   Joy   The Tenderness of the Fa… 
   Kindness   Tsunami Waves of Gentlen… 
   Lion of Judah Our Defenc…    Tsunami Waves of Goodnes… 
   Lion of Judah Striking   Tsunami Waves of Joy
   Majesty   Tsunami Waves of Love
   Menorah   Tsunami Waves of Peace
   New Growth   Tsunami Waves of Prosper… 
   One Drop Breaks Chains   Unity
   Patience   Warriors Arise
   Peace   Wedding Bands
   Pentecost Fire   Wisdom
   Purity   Yet Will I Rejoice
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