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Impact Your City with Banners

Posted on 16 May, 2016 by David Stanfield

Using banners in Australia Can you impact your city while still respecting those in authority? How do you discreetly hold a worship and warfare banner session in hostile areas in your neighbourhood?

A friend of mine who lives in a sizeable city here in Australia was sharing with me some remarkable results which he attributed to prayer and prophetic acts using banners. They have shown courage in the face of resistance and seen amazing results.

Here are some of his stories:

Praying over our University
The main university in our city offers courses in the occult and studies in religion. Some of what they teach and host is very heavy duty. It and has affected people living here, as well as the spiritual atmosphere over our city. We felt the Lord would have us contain and cut off what was being invited into our city and region through the university. Two members of the prayer group visited the Head of Campus to ask permission to pray for the university on the campus. We were left in no doubt that they didn’t want us to pray on the grounds.

So, with respect for their authority but with courage to obey, we met and walked across the front of all entrances to the campus. The banners were very obvious, but I recall thinking that there hadn’t been too much notice taken of our actions when the local police and local TV news drove past - fortunately not looking for us. Following this we had discreet and silent communion in the centre of the campus and were able to walk with small banners around the religious study centre (which housed a place of worship for people of another faith).

Keeping our land in the right hands
There have been several blocks of land which have been sought to establish a centre for worship for people of another faith. After a visit to the site by the senior religious leader, we in turn visited a few days later, claiming it for the Lord’s work. Again, with banners, we circumnavigated the land. The land has now been sold to be used for a new Catholic school. The land adjoining is aboriginal land and words were received that this will remain natural ‘country.’ We prayed that God would be honoured in the use of this land.

A former football ground and sports club came up for sale and again a group of men of another faith were seen inspecting it. We circumnavigated with banners asking for God’s purposes to be fulfilled. The land is now being developed for medium density housing.

A former church was offered for sale and one of our number, as part of his job, had taken a group of men from another faith to the site. Again we prayed with banners at the site and have learned that it has been sold to a group who work with people with disabilities.

Banners Through and Around the Hospital
We are currently having a new hospital built in our city. We have prayed through the existing hospital discretely wearing banners. Since then we have learned that the people of another faith were refused permission to pray through the new hospital. In response we circumnavigated the whole medical precinct using banners and wrapping scripture around 10cm nails and pushing them into soil on the corners of the block. This hospital is a continuing focus for us as it services a large area and is a major transaction point in our city.

Posted on 16 May, 2016 by David Stanfield

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